1. Reliable, Dependable, Trustworthy

API- Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Pharma Intermediates and Chemicals trading companies are having mission to become a reliable world supplier in all types of chemicals and custom manufacturing. Honesty and a positive work attitude are their  beliefs. Striving for excellence is their motto.

Chemical trading companies have value-added benefits to customers include: prompt, reliable and thorough responses before, during and after order receipt; competitive pricing; timely delivery; and attentive after-sales-services. With international standards in sales and global concepts in minds, chemical trading companies having well trained staffs guarantee excellence in service.

2. An Efficient Partner

There are very valid reasons for choosing Chemicals trading company as a business partner by these renowned manufacturing companies.

3. Custom Synthesis and Contract Manufacturing

Custom synthesis and contract manufacture are undertaken for clients confidentiality by their in-house production facilities located in India. Products can be supplied in gram to ton quantities and can be manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 or GMP, cGMP, DMF quality standards.

4. Efficient Purchasing System

As an alternative to in-house manufacture, specialist sourcing teams within these Chemical companies  and Custom Chemistry can secure and manage the supply of strategic intermediates and key starting materials in bulk using selected manufacturing partners in India. Jigs Chemical has gathered data on more than 30,000 products from more than 3,000 Indian and global manufacturers, and now has a complete, unique and constantly updated purchasing network.

5. Extensive Experience In International Marketing And Sales

These supplier companies have  sales team is extensively trained and is remarkably knowledgeable. Their sales personnel understand cultures and backgrounds of the different countries we supply to. Having been in world chemicals trading for a nearly 20 years, they are experienced in international marketing, forecasting, and problem solving skills. Their mindset and business methodology are global in scope.

6. Quality Control

Supplied Chemicals’ have supplies from independently owned QC centre companies are responsible for the quality testing of all purchased products. Therefore, the customers’ requirements are met and guaranteed.

7. Research Institute

The renowned manufacturing companies (who supplied Intermediates and API’s) have  independently owned research centre ensures rapid response and delivery of newly developed products. their professional chemical synthesis engineers speak the same technical language as our customers.

8. Logistics System

chemical trading companies  use  renowned  Logistics Services, provide first class services to customers to ensure all goods are timely delivered and safe manner.

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