How traditional marketing pharma sourcing companies were doing historically ?

Traditional Marketing: The sourcing Companies were focusing for finding customers in a traditional ways. Generally, they were using  techniques that are disruptive like cold-calling, print advertising- such as flyers or TV commercials and mass mail.
But technology has make these techniques less useful and more costly. Caller ID blocks
cold calls, DVR makes TV advertising less effective, and spam filters block mass emails. The techniques are still useful through these channels but is more costly.
Traditional marketing is disruptive and marketer – centric. The traditional way of doing marketing is involving Push strategies and is convenient for the marketer, because they can push content in people’s faces whenever they want – even when those potential customers don’t want it. But it’s not such a great experience for the user – the potential customer.

What is digital marketing strategy is  all about?

Well, digital strategy is  a fundamental shift in the way these PHARMA SOURCING COMPANIES OF API AND INTERMEDIATE were doing  business. Instead of that old, interruption based message where the marketer or salesperson had all the control, is about EMPOWERING potential customers.
Instead of interrupting people with cold calls, they might create videos that potential
customers want to see. Instead of buying display ads in print publications, they could create a
business blog, do re marketing and display ads on search engines as Google etc. that people would look forward to reading. And instead of  calling customers, they can create useful content so that prospective customers can call or write them when they want more information.

Digital strategy Marketing of chemical supplying companies  is marketing focused on getting found by customers through social media, videos, search engines like Google, call to actions etc. It’s now customer-focused.
Wouldn’t you prefer to deal with a these chemical sourcing companies that are more  focused on your needs instead of their own?
You’ve probably come across some of your favourite brands actively practicing digital strategy and digital marketing techniques.

A  problem-solving blog post saying the easy sourcing of bulk pharma raw materials online for global supply and the reasons and ways of getting a right sourcing companies in India and other countries that shows up near the top of the search engine (doing Search Engine Optimization techniques). It’s the new solution that was discovered on LinkedIn or the product review that was found on Face book.

It illustrates the four stages that make up the Digital marketing and sales process. These stages are now ABCD (Attract, Bring, Close, and Delight). Its all about creating marketing that people love.

  1. Attract – 1. blog 2. keywords 3. social media marketing 4. Digital adwords
  2. Bring – 1. contact forms 2. call to action- for newsletter and eBooks 3. creating landing pages 4. trade shows
  3. Close– 1. Customer Relationship Management 2. business email 3. work flows 4.Hot phone calls
  4. Delight– 1. Buyer persona surveys 2. smart content marketing 3. social monitoring 4. Re marketing Offers

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