Pharmaceutical companies internationally  undertake a series of steps  to procure API and intermediates from India. All the steps involved in the process are important Most pharma companies depend on outsourced suppliers for the ingredient and its intermediates, and they supply it with an promise of quality.

As APIs make an important element of modern medicine Pharmaceutical companies therefore need to be careful in selecting right API sourcing company.

  1. Sourcing Company: As a rule of thumb knowing the background of your sourcing company (Strategies for Innovation in Pharmaceutical Sourcing and Procurement) is a precondition to get guaranteed quality products. A detailed search of the sourcing company will help you determine the many facts about his business practices, financial strengths, market standing, Their client base, existing clients, licensing and many more.
  2. Ask for references: Finding out who their clients are will reveal a lot about their business. A sourcing company (providing a long list of API at one place) procuring to the renowned manufacturing companies. obviously is a one of repute. While discussing about future business with them ask them for references for their reputation.
  3. Timely delivery: At the time of placing the order for the API and Intermediates need to confirm the date or time period of delivery and other terms of shipping and other fees, such as – custom, excise, sales and other taxes and insurance costs. as all these factors will included in the cost of production of final molecule.
  4. Quality: The other significant factor that would influence your decision is quality. Aside from being competitive the sourcing company must also give surety of quality of his supply. Finding out about the make or manufacturers approvals and certification and their quality practices is an important point to be checked.

Since Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients API and Intermediates  are important molecules  in modern medication, the procurement pharma sourcing companies should be  absolutely sure before selecting a sourcing companies. Hope the points mentioned above will give you a clear route about how to procure API and Pharma Intermediates.

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