Thionyl Chloride: is  mainly used in medicine, pesticides, dyes and industrial organic synthesis as chlorinating agent.

  1. Industrial Consumption: Thionyl chloride is a very useful industrial applications for following industries :

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pesticide Industry

Dyestuff Industry

& other industries

  1. Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Intermediates It can also be used for making acyl chloride as well as being used for the manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediates such as tetramisole hydrochloride and synthomycin palmitate. It can also be used as a dehydrating agent or solvent.
  1. Industries: Thionyl chloride and is mainly used for the production of inabenfide, valerate, fenvalerate, mosquito-killing dimerthrin, flucythrinate, diflubenzuron, isocarbophos, fenpropathrin, endosulfan, deltamethrin, a (b) group chlorpyrifos, oxazolidinone, quizalofop and warfarin.

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  1. Chlorinating Agents It can be used as the chlorinating agents for organic synthesis such as chlorination of alcoholic hydroxyl group, chlorination of carboxylic acid, chlorination of acid anhydride and the chlorine displacement of organic sulfonic acid or carboxylic acid.
  1. Production With Anhydrous Metal Chlorides :Because Thionyl chloride can have fierce reaction with water, it is able to have reaction with metal chloride hydrated salt for production with anhydrous metal chlorides. MCln • xH2O + x SOCl2 → MCln + x SO2 + 2x HCl
  1. Why Better Than Other Chlorinating Agents: Compared with other agents (such as phosphorus penta-chloride PCl5), Thionyl chloride is often the preferred reagents, because both the reaction product of sulfur dioxide and hydrogen chloride are gaseous and is easily to be separated. The excess amount of Thionyl chloride can be removed by distillation. Thionyl chloride is used in the Preparation of following ProductsAlpha-Acetyl-2-Hydroxy-Beta-Oxo-Benzenepropanoic Acid Mono Sodium  Salt

    Cyclopentanecarbonyl chloride

    Quinoline-2-Carbonyl Chloride

    2,6-Pyridinedicarboxylic acid chloride


    2,3-Dichloropyridine-5-Carbonyl Chloride


    (Chloromethylene)dimethyliminium chloride

    Reactive Turquoise Blue Kn-G


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