Do you thinking of starting a pharma or chemical trading company? Following are the Tips and tricks you can adopt to start and run a trading company as per today’s scenario:

  1. Concept
  2. Trial sell
  3. Website
  4. Documentation
  5. Planning
  6. Ways to generate the need of the product or Service
  7. Good Consultants for help
  8. Investment
  9. Put yourself in buyer’s shoes and think whether you would buy it or not
  10. Build a team a Strong sales team
  11. If the idea is not new hire experienced employees.
  12. Effective marketing and communication
  13. Build a SEO friendly website, html form only.
  14. Prompt your products over social media like: google+ facebook…..
  15. Write your products description and details originally never copy others;
  16. Build “back links” more as you can on the reputed website
  17. SEO is not the only a basic tool for a trading company, most important is the products quality and price, to play honest if you want to the business in long term, to get a real reliable business partner is good way.

To know more elaborate points of API Sourcing for Regulated Markets – Beginner’s Guide, click on the link. (courtesy karan Javeri and linkedin).

Jigs chemical is a twenty years experienced API and chemicals sourcing and trading company, supplying and exporting API, Intermediates and industrial chemicals.

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