1. The most important things to before starting a trading company of API< Intermediates and chemicals, is to create a active pharmaceutical ingredient list /database of cost prices of these chemicals available in the market and their specifications.
  2. List the active pharmaceutical ingredient market demands of these chemicals in different companies. You can collect it by doing extensive field search, or searching the web. Call the sales guys, make connections.
  3. Same procedure applies for estimating the demands . More data, more insights is and efficient business model.

The growing pool of geriatrics is driving the demand for various types of drugs, which in turn is leading to a soaring demand of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) market. Active pharmaceutical ingredients are primarily used for making drugs that are used for treating a range of chronic conditions such as cancer, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, neurology disorders as well as for other therapeutic uses.”

  1. Deciding your own prices will require a detailed analysis of your company’s operating costs, market trends, taxes etc. You will need to get your numbers right.
  2. Hire an expert! Building a great team in technical knowledge with pharmaceutical API and Intermediate industry is the most important part of running a firm. Clear communications, the right structure and makeup, and a focused agenda are essential for a pharmaceutical sourcing company.

Jigs chemical with its clear vision and communication team proven as a  very successful pharma sourcing company API AND INTERMEDIATE DATABASE

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