1. As Pharma Sourcing And Trading Companies work to improve market and sourcing efficiency of raw materials used for manufacturing ultimate drugs, on time delivery with right source and product quality. Teams are becoming more and more important than ever, and they are handling most of the work that goes on in supply chain management of big manufacturing API and Intermediate companies. It’s not straight forward to build an efficient team, to get members to work together for a common goal, but it can be done.2. Question arises what makes a sourcing companies teams effective? and what are the  ways to improve and evaluate performance and build team spirit? there are also some of the challenges inherent in building, or improving, a pharmaceutical sourcing  team, and how to train them for efficient working.

    3. Effective teams yield tangible bottom-line results, but equally important intangible” reimbursement for their members, creating ongoing opportunities for empowerment and an ambience of continuous learning and improvement. An effective team is rewarding to work on, and the best teams generate and encourage an feel of trust among members that enhances their ability to work and learn together.

    4. Design the Team: Clear communications, proper team symphony and structure, a focused plan, and the synchronization of team activities are pre stipulations to an effective team. At the earliest stages of team formation, would-be members must understand why the team is being set up? so they can cling to a common goal.

  1. a team is a group of persons with balancing skills connected by their assurance to a common goal and who depend on each other to complete their mission.
  1. even if team members look to their leader to provide resources and connect them to the rest of the organization, they are empowered to make decisions independently.
  1. For this reason, it is important to communicate how team members will work together and how they will be held accountable for each successful task of sourcing and delivering pharma intermediates and raw material chemicals to the destination companies whether in domestic or global market.

Tips to Start A Pharma API And Chemical Sourcing, Trading CompanyForming a team is a good move towards when the following conditions are present:

  • No single individual has the right combination of knowledge, experience and perspective to do the job
  • Individuals must work together with a high degree of interdependence
  • The goal represents a challenge (recurring or unique)

Jigs Chemical is an API and intermediate sourcing company for global and domestic companies with a dedicated and knowledgeable team to deliver the quality material on time, Jigs chemical is  having Clear communications, the right structure and makeup, and also having a  focused agenda.

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