Whenever a Chemical And Pharma Products trading companies receiving emails of inquiries and leads. The question arises to send the email to the prospective or the existing customer to get conversion and create influence on them about your company. As per the goals and type of customer there are different formats of mails to be sent to the customers: we can classify them as follows:

  1. Welcome Emails. welcome emails are the mail when you get a lead from a first time customer, these may be Automated responses sent out or when a new customer send an inquiry.
  2. Order Status and order acknowledgement Emails: These emails are sent when a customer gives you and order of products It is need to inform him about status of the same through series of emails that keeps clients informed about the status of their order.
  3. Reorder Emails. These emails are sent to get the repeated orders from the customer, Use of these emails in case of chemicals and API which are consumed and repeatedly and  frequently needed by the customers. if you sell products that need to be reordered such as consumable chemicals, solvents, testing chemicals, and those that need updating after a period of use. An effective well timed reorder email strategy can majorly improve your revenue.
  4. Learning/ educational Emails. These types of emails should clarify doubts or answers a question of customers have. These emails are sent when you want to inform an existing customer about a new product introduced, changes to your website, or referring to interesting blogs and articles of your company.
  5. Re-engagement Emails. These emails are sent to customers who have not been active and are not taken your products from last so many days such as for six months or more. It is an excellent way to keep your email list clean and prevent build up of inactive users.
  6. Sale pronouncement Emails. These are the most important emails in case of information to the customers if you want to clear out the extra stock chemicals materials of your godown. An email or series of emails are sent with their discount prices to inform customers about limited time offer.
  7. Replies to Website generated Emails. These emails are based on the information gathered when customer has clicked through your website and asked for information like chemical specifications , certifications and other details. These emails are then personalized based on Their queries.
  8. Lead- development Emails. Lead nurturing emails are composed of a strongly connected chain of emails containing useful, targeted content which clarifies and answers to the customer so as to satisfy his needs and give him a proper offer to get the lead converted into future prospect. These emails nurture leads through the marketing funnel.

         Lead nurturing is the process of developing relationships with       buyers at every stage of the sales funnel, and through every step      of the buyer’s journey. It focuses marketing and communication efforts on listening to the needs of prospects, and providing the   information and answers they need.” (reference :          http://www.marketo.com)”

  1. Newsletter Emails. Newsletters are sent on a regular basis (weekly, bimonthly, monthly, whichever works best for industry). They need to be significant with clear, educational value to the customers.
  2. Holiday/ Festival Emails. Sending out holiday/ Festival wishes is a great way to keep your brand alive in the awareness of the consumer. These personalized emails also tend to be considerably more appealing and have through the good response rate.

These are the general rules of email structure for a trading company dealing in Pharmaceutical API, Intermediates and chemicals, this can  be changed depending on the type and  objective of branding of company, acquiring new customer, reorder or to make customer informed about your new policies, products or company structures.

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