1. Blogging is an possibility for pharmaceutical sourcing companies involved in supply chain part of the large manufacturing companies to contribute to information more regularly.
  2. These articles provide value to sourcing communities in pharma industry  who may already be searching online for insight on particular topics, products, structures, properties and applications of the same along with its availability and packing facilities.
  3. Company created blogs which are used for creating brand awareness are beneficial to pharmaceutical because they help create brand name, increase expression in the social media, increase search engine position for keywords and help educate their pharma sourcing community about a specific product and its specifications and new developments.
  4. They provide a place where visitors can go to find information but they also allow influencers to share the content in spaces where the brand might not be able to participate in – such as forums and online communities.
  5. Blogs are absolutely harmonizing with social media platforms like Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. As communities are built on social networks, alerting followers of published blog posts will drive more traffic to those posts. The ultimate goal is for the community to find value in each blog post and ultimately subscribe the same to get more information.
  6. Another critical component to blogging is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and keyword targeting. Once you have determined an article concept, brainstorm keywords you foresee that they will be searched for under the specific topic you are writing about. When writing new posts, there should always be links back to previous posts so search engines understands how they are related to each other.
  7. Search engines are looking for sites that are trustworthy and relevant for what users are searching for. Because of this, search engines value newer content as it is up-to-date information and shows site owners are taking the time to expand and inform the site. .

This means that blogs that are always adding new content and posts, are viewed very favourably by search engines. If done correctly, a blog can receive a majority of its traffic from free organic search, and this traffic is some of the best quality traffic a blog can receive.

Jigs chemical is a global company involved in pharmaceutical sourcing for API and intermediates with pharma raw materials. Blogs created by Jigs chemical on wordpress, blogger, quora, medium, weebly, linkedin pulse are very informative and useful for pharma community.

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