10 Best Portals Or Directories For Pharma API, Intermediate And Chemical Sourcing Companies

A Web portal or a Directory is most often a particularly designed web site that brings information together from diverse sources in a uniform way. generally, each information source gets its dedicated area on the page for displaying information, often, the user can configure which ones to display. In addition, the role of the user in an organization may determine which content can be added to the portal or deleted from the portal configuration.

Following are 10 most useful list of Directories for searching sourcing manufacturing companies of Pharma API, Intermediates and chemicals.

  1. ChemicalRegister: This is the most prominent and useful online chemical directory, their mission is to provide suppliers with huge, focused and meaningful leads at a fraction of the cost of reaching such a group conventionally, and to provide buyers FREE, quick, easy, and powerful services for locating suppliers worldwide. Chemical Register harnesses advanced but clean search engine optimization techniques to ensure that the listed supplier is advertised where the customer is looking for them. This enables small and medium sized business targeting the chemical industries to have a powerful marketing presence on the internet, helping them to defend and advance their market position against large companies.
  2. ChemBlink : Chem Blink is an open source of chemical information available to the public online since 2005. It also serves as a platform to promote products for worldwide suppliers.
    Chem Blink’s popularity can be attributed to the wide extent of its online information, the simplicity of its interface, and the accuracy and reliability of its records, Chem Blink’s extensive database allows chemical information to be available at the blink of an eye.
  3. Chemical Book: Chemical book is a platform dedicated to provide the most valuable resources for chemical industry users. Here you can get chemical information (such as chemical physical properties, safety data, Excellent china suppliers and their web addresses and etc.) by searching the name, CAS number, molecular formula, molecular weight, MDL number, EINECS number, structure.

4. Guide Chem:

Guide Chem is chemical trading platform for Pharma API and Intermediate, Guidechem.com was established with the aim to build the most comprehensive database of chemical products and contain most complete suppliers, making chemical trading more efficient, convenient and safe. facilitate global chemical trading and bring chemical buyers & sellers from all over the world to one common chemical platform.

  1. Directory of World Chemical Producers (DWCP) : Directory of World Chemical Producers (DWCP) offers extensive information including contact details for producers of chemical raw materials, chemicals and pharmaceuticals from almost 100 countries. Searchable by product name, CAS number or company, and global trade data with pricing information updated on a monthly basis, the DWCP is the premiere system for gathering competitive bids to help you gain an edge in the marketplace.
  2. Chemexper : On this directory the product catalogue can be submitted free. In order to submit for free your catalogue of chemicals you will have to follow 3 easy steps: Enter your company details, Supply a list of the chemicals you sell, Review and submit the form, In order to import your catalogue each product must contain at least the following information: You will also need a website and email address that contains the name of your company.
  • correct IUPAC name
  • CAS number or chemical structure
  • molecular formula

7 . ChemNet : ChemNet is the Chemical Trading platform to connect chemical buyers and chemical sellers with Chemical Search Engine of Chemical Suppliers and Chemical Products. It gives paid and free listing of registration with product uploads of unlimited way.

  1. Kompass India: Kompass has more than 60 years of outstanding experience in offering business solutions that can be a booster to sales, purchase, research and marketing etc. Kompass helps finding the company by means of unique classification that is not feasible in SIC codes and the classification system is extremely useful to your business necessity with priority The research oriented team at Kompass India is the part of this international B2B database company that has business setup in over 60 countries across the globe. Each country is responsible in collecting, maintaining and improving the global database with utmost dedication for up-to-date
  2. Pharmainfosource.com Pharma info source provides information on chemical suppliers, cas suppliers, cas numbers, CAS Suppliers List, cas supplier database, surplus materials and pharma services.

pharmainfosource.com provide sourcing solutions to the pharmaceutical industry as a whole by building best in class sourcing platform. It is having  long-term goal of covering the entire pharma value chain. including :

  • Drug Substance Sourcing:
    • API/Raw Materials Sourcing
    • Surplus Listing
  • Buying Lead / Selling Lead
  • Leave your request. Let the Buyer/Supplier to contact you.
  1. Pharmaoffer.com: Pharma offer is a platform that brings together the global availability of pharmaceutical raw materials. This shows all the relevant information in a clear and easy-to-use portal where buyers and suppliers are able to communicate with each other.

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