A Pharmaceutical API and Intermediate sourcing company is Involved mostly in  business-to-business supplying and trading. The company should  provide a high level of customer care to find out what their  customers want.

On identifying the most valuable customers or best potential customers, The sourcing company should target the  highest levels of customer care towards them. In the consumer market, it is the compulsion to treat all consumers like pharmaceutical manufacturing companies of formulations to their highest standards.

The most important thing is to collect information about customers what they want. The information can be collected and used as future data can be available from many sources, like:

  1. The orders of their past
  2. The contact details of your business – phone calls, meetings and so on
  3. The most important thing is the direct feedback -they will usually tell you what they want
  4. The order patterns can be studied.
  5. The overall success of specific products
  6. Feedback and referrals from other, non-competitive suppliers

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